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Welcome to Chokoloskee Charters
Fish Everglades National Park & 10,000 Islands
Light Tackle and Fly Fishing in the Pristine Waters of the Everglades Backcountry
Over one million acres of sheltered waters, excellent year round weather, fine accommodations, a richly diverse fishery ...

Flat Out Trout

The recent warming trend has had a positive effect on the fishing.  The baits are slowing starting to move back in towards the shore and so are the fish.  Those that have been fishing with shrimp have had some very nice catches … mostly sheep head and a pile of “rat” reds with the occasional “keeper” mixed in. 

The snook bite has been predictably slow this last two weeks due to the weather.  Those working the long wands (fly fishermen) have been doing fairly well with the smaller snook species with an occasional slot-sized fished thrown in.  Just about any white pattern is producing 12-15 small snook, a couple of small tarpon and few rats just about every trip.  That eight pound jack crevalle that shows up about every couple of hours spices things up a bit.  The spin fishermen have been doing a little better on snook, but not enough really to talk about.

With the warm-up, the flats have been producing well. The trout have moved out of their deeper, warmer holes back into the grasses.  Blue fish, ladyfish and the mackerel are back.  Most importantly, the baits are easing back in so these fish have something to eat!  The trout bite has been consistent and filled in the gap for those seeking snook the past several weeks.

Trout season opened with the New Year.  With the relatively slow bite, elsewhere, many are fishing the grass flats.  You can expect some good catches, but also lots of company.  A little courtesy goes a long way.  There is lots of water out there and the Park is a very peaceful place … the real reason why most of us are here.  Having that peace and silence broken by the uninvited conversation of other anglers is extremely annoying to put it mildly.  Please keep plenty distance from others. Go “over board” with courtesy. If you see others on fish, resist the temptation to pull up wind to drift on to their fish.  Remember it is about the whole experience of being here and not the fish that you take.

This area is a vast nursery for a great number of species.  One of the most important ecosystems here is the grass flats … they are the cradle for the young and the water filters of the area. They are also the most sensitive and directly impacted by poor boating practices.  We have low tides in the middle of the day here in the winter.  Please, please run around the grasses and not through them. Do be the one who cuts a scare down the middle of the flat.  That scare will be there longer than you will be here! If you do get shallow, stop, tilt your engine up as far as possible and idle off the flat … slowly! 

When I fly over the keys the massive damage that ignorant boating has caused to the flats is grossly evident.  I am started to see them here.  Be sensible, drive around the flats.  This is not the Keys!!!  Let’s keep it that way.

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