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Welcome to Chokoloskee Charters
Fish Everglades National Park & 10,000 Islands
Light Tackle and Fly Fishing in the Pristine Waters of the Everglades Backcountry
Over one million acres of sheltered waters, excellent year round weather, fine accommodations, a richly diverse fishery ...

If You Can’t Catch a Fish, Catch a Good Time ….

 With the onset of our full fledged winter, fishing tactics are going to have to change.  The snook bite has been excellent with most anglers getting to tangle with a couple dozen fish.  That is until this last cool front drove most of the baits away to wherever they go.  The snook shut right down or at least moved to where I could not find them.  If you move the food source the snook will follow.  (Of course, move the Dairy Queen and I will follow!)   Find the baits and you will find the snook.

 I fished last Saturday with a father and son who flew their light aircraft in from Jacksonville.  It was blowing (what seemed like) a gale.  Picking them up at the Rod and Gun, we blasted off to a place that has been red hot.   We only raised five dinks the whole morning!. The day before Capt. Bruce Hitchcock fished this area and put ~ 20 slot sized fish over the sides on fly. What a difference a day makes!  We had a wonderful time together despite the slow bite. 

 The next day, Sunday, we cancelled because of the forecasted blow. As luck would have it, the day turned out to be very nice. Oh well!!  While fueling up to get back to Jacksonville, Dad could not stop talking about the lobster tail that he ate the night before at the Seafood Depot.  Apparently, 10 year old Hayden, found heaven in the shrimp.  They will be flying back to X01, the Airpark, in a couple of months to do it all again.  I guess you can’t always catch fish, but these guys found out that you can always catch a good time!

Offshore, things have been pretty good.  We have had some good catches of Spanish mackerel, kingfish, mangrove snapper, cobia and grouper. It is time to catch a boat load of mackerel for the smoker.  Fresh smoked mackerel, a slice of onion, too much hot sauce on a cracker is hard to beat!!

 Winter means lots trout and sheep head.  The trout fishing has been excellent and will get better throughout the winter.  Remember that the season is still closed and the fish must be released until the New Year.  While sight fishing redfish, I have been seeing sheep head around just about every oyster bed.  Those that are targeting the “sheepies” should be doing well.  I guess one day I will figure out how to catch these little striped bait stealers. 

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