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Chokoloskee Charters Everglades Florida
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Welcome to Chokoloskee Charters

Current Charter, Cruises and Tour Pricing

Chokoloskee Charters is your total guide service for Everglades National Park. This is a very rich fishery that provides many different opportunities and habitats to fish. Recognizing this, the best guides, each with their own specialty have been brought together to provide a level of service and experience unmatched in the area. For a single angler or a corporate group, we have the right boats and the right guides for you to get the best experience from your trip to this wonderful place.

We offer experience and diversity. With guides specializing in technical fly fishing, kayak fishing, live bait fishing, light tackle spin/plug fishing, sight fishing the shallows or fishing families, given enough notice, we will match you with an experienced specialty guide.

Most importantly, all our guides are good with people. An enjoyable experience is our mission. Each guide has a unique specialty and preference, but all are diverse enough to make a multi-boat corporate trip a success.

All our guides are experienced captains and fishermen and will guide you on your fishing adventure into the Park. The three primary guides have over 85 years combined experience in this fishery.

We offer many different types of trips using Flats Boats, Center Consoles and even Fishing Kayaks. You can fish the extreme shallow flats, the back country, the 10,000 Islands, the beaches and even the offshore wrecks and structure. The trips range from a single day trip to a complete packages including lodging, meals and variety of specialty trips.

It is important to book early. However, if we are booked, we will make all the arrangements for you or your entire group with the "better" guides in the area ... be it a single boat for you or a dozen boats for your company.

All bookings are subject to our standard booking and cancellation policy . A Visa/MC is required to confirm your reservation.  All trips are subject to availability.  Some trips are only available seasonally.

Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions that you may have.   Tight lines!


Daily Fishing Charters

Multi-Day Fishing/Lodging/Meal Packages

Kayak Fishing Trips

Offshore Trips

Fishing/Boating Cabin Vacation Packages

Specialized Trips

Which boat is right for you?

Daily Fishing Charters
All charters include bait, tackle, gear, iced coolers, licenses, insurance and safety equipment. Gratuity for your guide is solely your discretion based on your satisfaction.  If local conditions dictate, we may advise a charter that is less than a full day to take best advantage of the conditions. 

       2 Anglers - 1/2 Day (4 hrs): $450;        3/4 Day (6 hrs): 595;       Full Day (8 hrs) $795   

     *3 Anglers - 1/2 Day (4 hrs): $550;        3/4 Day (6 hrs): $745;       Full Day (8 hrs) $995         

     *4 Anglers - 1/2 Day (4 hrs): $650;        3/4 Day (6 hrs): 895;       Full Day (8 hrs) $1195  

        * Groups of  3-6 anglers may wish to consider the use of two boats or a Kayak Fishing Trip - See Below  

Rates above are "per boat"- portal to portal (If harvesting fish, we may be in a bit early to clean your catch). Prices in effect for reservations after 10/1/11;

All bookings are subject to our standard booking and cancellation policy.  (Note:  Weekend/Holiday Policy)

 Split Day Charters  are offered during the spring, summer and fall months (daylight savings time) for the best action. Some of the best fishing for big fish is during the warmer months. However, the action is usually best in the early mornings and evenings. The air is cooler and water temperature is lower so the fish are much more active. We leave early many times before sunrise to fish for tarpon, snook and redfish fish.   When the bites is over, will return back to the dock for lunch, showers and a well-deserved nap in the air-conditioning. In the late afternoon/evening,, we blast off again to fish through twilight. Many anglers want to target tarpon or permit in their afternoon trip. Others choose to bring the family in the evening so all can enjoy. These are long days, but we are fishing the most productive times, and we have a well-deserved rest in between.

         2 Anglers -  Split Day:    $800      

*3 Anglers -  Split Day:  $1000    

      *4 Anglers -  Split Day:   $1200     

     Groups of  3-6 anglers may wish to consider the use of two boats or a Kayak Fishing Trip - See Below      


Kayak Fishing Trips Chokoloskee Charters is proud to provide Guided Kayak Fishing in Everglades National Park and the 10,000 Islands.  We are one of the most experienced outfitters and services of in the industry offering not only traditional, shore launched paddle fishing trips, but trips very deep into the Park utilizing the kayak transport boat, the Yak Attack.  Everglades Kayak Fishing -- "Catch the Experience"

Traditional Kayak Fishing Trips The areas surrounding Chokoloskee Island and Everglades City are wonderful locations to launch and fish from one of our state-of-the-art fishing kayaks.  There is some very good fishing available very near to our launch sites for trout, snook, redfish and small tarpon. The kayaks are on a trailer and brought to the launch area where the kayaks are launched and recovered.  Where we fish is a function of the local conditions to take advantage of our best opportunity.  The trip typically lasts 4-6 hours. The fees are $300 for the first angler and $150 for each additional angler. This includes a completely outfitted kayak and your guide.  Anglers are encouraged to bring their own fishing gear.  However, we do have tackle and gear to rent. As you are fishing in your own boat, you will need a Florida fishing licenses.  (~ $20 for an out-of-state; three-day license ... available online) You are welcomed to bring your own yak.  For more information ... Kayak Fishing

Mother Ship Kayak Fishing Trips While the fishing is good near Chokoloskee, there are some absolutely wonderful places to kayak fish deeper in the backcountry of the Park.  The Park is extremely vast, and most places are simply too far away to effectively fish with a yak.  As such, we solved the problem by using a mother ship to transport the kayaks, gear and lunch to and from the far reaches of the Park.  Many of the places that we access would literally take you days to paddle to.  In addition to prior arranged, private trips, we have pre-scheduled trips open to anyone ...   Costs are $225 per angler which includes your outfitted kayak, insurance, transport. The trips typically are full day trips. Seating is limited to six per boat (two boats) and there is a $675/day/boat trip minimum.  As above, anglers are encouraged to bring their own rods and tackle but we do have rental gear. and You will also need your own Florida fishing license for these trips (available online).  While most trips are scheduled, we can go anytime that you are ready.  Please give a call!!  For more information ... Kayak Fishing


Offshore and Permit Catching Trips
Chokoloskee Charters and Capt. Charles Wright are known for putting our anglers on permit. On a typical trip we will hookup 4-8 fish in the 15 to 25 pound range. The fishing is fast paced, strenuous and exciting. If you have never experienced it, you should. For some it can be a life-changing event! Fishing artificial and natural structure for kingfish; gag, red and goliath grouper; mackerel; snappers; cobia and triple tail. If fishing with live bait for permit a $50 surcharge will apply to purchase bait crabs.  The offshore trips are in the 26' foot Morgan Center Console ... see below.

Three Night/Two Day or Four Night/Three Day Fishing Packages
The packages include all accommodations for two anglers for three nights and two half days of fishing. Stay at the comfortable Kayak Shack cabin. A marina, store, deli, liquor store and a bar and restaurant are on the property within very easy walking distance. Arrive for the first night's stay and then rise early for a hearty breakfast before a full day's snook or tarpon fishing. Your boat will be stocked with ice water, ice, bait, tackle, gear, iced coolers, licenses and safety equipment .. just bring your personal gear and whatever you wish to eat or drink.  After returning to the docks, take a hot shower and then have your catch cooked by a local chef. The next morning, have breakfast, and if the weather allows and you are interested, change boats for a different style of fishing for the day. Finish your trip with another great dinner and a good nights sleep. Price includes all taxes, but excludes alcoholic beverages and food. Subject to availability April 1 thru Dec 15. 

Pricing varies seasonally. Please call for availability 239-682-9920

Eco-Tours & Sunset Cruises
Please See 

Outfitting and Rentals

Please click here for more information >>>

Special and Customized Over Night Trips -- Lower Keys, South Biscayne Bay, Flamingo
Chokoloskee Charters run many "special" trips throughout the year.  This year we did two, four day, all-inclusive bonefish trips to the Lower Keys, a three day bone fish trip to South Biscayne Bay, day trips to the No Motor Zone above Lake Ingram and a four day houseboat trip, with skiffs in tow, to the Suwannee River.  Additionally, overnight camping trips begin in November and continue until May.  Similar trips are planned throughout the year, and announced on the website.  If the schedule matches up please join us.  If it does not, call and let's plan a trip that does!

All bookings are subject to our standard cancellation policy.

Call us to Plan Your Next Adventure!

For more information or to book a charter with Capt. Charles Wright:

"Not Just Another Boat Ride"
P.O. Box 824 Chokoloskee Island, Florida 34138
Phone: 239-682-9920
Email: Captain Charles Wright
Click here to book your charter